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Basic 3D interface for TV Republic will be built using widely accepted Web3D standard graphics format, VRML/X3D (see technology)., only choice for the project of this size. Being 3D models - singleuser version (links on the left), can be explored using any of commecial VRML browser/plug-in (links on the right). Links mixed with text leads to the same models connected to Blaxxun's multiuser sever so you need Blaxxun Contact if you want to try 3D chat.

Multiuser - Victory Square - VRML model 160 KB

Administrative center of the capitol, Freedomvil. Usualy, without too much traffic because of very large security. However, it is oftenly used for massive gatherings, political meetings and various demonstrations.

- VRML model 65 KB

Huge system of tunels and storages, heritage of numerous wars, spreads under bigger part of the capitol. Very dangerous and rarely visited place. Ideal for suspicious business, mainly used for ilegal stuff storage.

- 150 KB

Somewere in the countryside, abandoned during the last war. Sometimes it is used by military forces for training, most often private sequrity squads were trained there. Place also goes alive at the time of extreme sports competitions, there is an abandoned mine used for that purposes in the vicinity. Few miles further is famous miraculous monastery - Brightside.

Multiuser - Border - VRML model 500 KB

Mountain, part near the border, veakly settled and without any control. Competence over the area is subject of an international arbitration. There was a war conflict with the neighbour about it recently. Terrain is often used for the military manoeuvres as method for provoting a tension and demonstration of power. Suitable for smuggling.

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