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"...It does not matter whether the war is actually happening, and, since no decisive victory is possible, it does not matter whether the war is going well or badly. All that is needed is that a state of war should exist..."

George Orwell '84.

Begining of the 21. century. Southeastern Europe, Balkan, fifteen years after decay
of communism. Capitol - Freedomvil. Borders - undefined. Number of citizens - unknown. The future - dark and uncertain...A syberpunk society created by media misusing and hate speach.



TV Republic (Freeland) is rich valley at the basin of Danube surrounded by massifes. Climate is continental, cold winters and hot, humid summers. Exact size of the country is unknown, borders are vague because of numerous conflicts with neighbours about territory. These unresolved territorial problems were the main reason for the series of wars at the end of the last century. And for the sake of permanent tension about that international military forces were disposed around the country.

Political situation

Democracy, a kind of it. In fact it is apparent democracy, a lot of political parties exists but there is no significant difference in their activities and organisation. All of them are built on the cult of a leader and activists are there mainly to support his oppinion...until a chance to take his place, of course. Predominate ideology is militant nationalism. Economic system follows some principles of liberal capitalism, it was built on very poor laws, durring the war times.

Lack of laws about the property (heritage of communism), leadership based political system, huge and slow bureaucracy mixed with fear and national histery of the war time could not produce anything but a closed and ruined society. Coruption has overtaken all pores of the life. Government is just a marionette in the hands of war profiteers and criminals. The state and its institutions exists mainly as picture created by mass medias (see, mechanics), in reality the state functions only in low level of bureaucracy and real rulers of the contry are private paramilitary and parapolice forces. Goverment controls the crowd through the medias and the crowd has no control over the goverment at all.

Acceptance of this state as a natural and only possible by the population is easy to understand looking the public diplomacy during past couple of decades. All activities in that domain were guided toward the isolation of this society from the rest of the world. Mass medias, TV at first place, are used mainly to build the picture about rest of the world as an enemy devoted to destroy and servitude the nation and to rob the country. At the same time the same mechanism is used to present the citizens of the Freeland to the world in adequate way, as a crowd of violent savages. To achieve this goal all accessible resources were used and all social spheres were engaged, Church, Academy of Science, University and, most of all, entertainment associations. The principle was simple, blame the world and specialy neighbours for everything bad what happened and allways treat our people as a victim of an international conspiracy, "They hate us because of ours supremacy". The end result was only possible, confused society suspicious at everything foreign and widely accepted militant nationalism.

Capitol - Freedomvil

Biotech Inc.

One of the bigest center for smuggling people, drugs, weapons and new technologies in the world. An ideal place for back handed investments and money cleaning. Criminals and adventurers from all around the world are gathering here. Night life in the city is world wide famous and in that regard the name of the city is rather simbolic, for those able to pay everything is alowed, Freedomvil is the city without law and order. It is not just administrative and industrial but most of all bigest center of showbusiness in the region.

Exact number of citizens is unknown, the same aplies for the country in the whole. There was no indexing of the population since middle 80-ies and numerous wars and great migrations in the meantime makes any reliable evaluation impossible.

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