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Miraculous Brightside monastery

First really sacred virtual place on the Web


Brightside - 3D chat world1. E-Commercial Church disclaims everything.

2. Software you are using and sites you are visiting are your own choice.

3. This work is not meant to interfere with any other being, past or future religious movement or organization. It is not meant to abuse, offend, flout or underrate any belief.

4. We do not care about your beliefs in real life, you are welcome here as long as you make donations to our Church...in fact, you are welcome even if you don't.

5. You are aware that by making donations to the Church you are, actually, supporting author of the work.

6. We can not take responsibility for any negative by the side effect of your visit but we will gladly take all credits for everything positive which might appear.

7. The only purpose of this work is to entertain.

Enjoy your visit to this holy place, believe and get rich!

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