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Miraculous Brightside monastery

E-Commercial Church - Missionary Careers

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E-Commercial Church needs volunteers for missionary work.

Brightside monastery ruins We would like to spread the Word about our Church through the world, as all other religions. Being virtual and well adopted to cyberspace by its nature our Church can be present at every piece of the globe covered by the WWW. Having on mind our lack of gloomy features, such as the judgement day, or any other menace or punishment, our pacific, take it easy attitude, devotion to optimism and free X3D/VRML browsers our mission just can not fail. To seed our belifs around the world we seek for missionaries able to translate these pages to other languages, in turn back they will get credit and a link at every page translated and a big chance to run a promotion into a minister, bishop, patriarch or whatever they want latter when our organisation grows up. Good karma is a natural bonus in this kind of deeds.

If you are ready to take this serious role, to spread the hope and optimism in your part of the globe, drop us a line.

Bitmanagement Contact 3D plug-in is required, enable install when your browser asks for it or download and install it manually, all major Web browsers are supported.

Enjoy your visit to this holy place, believe and get rich!

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