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Minecart Rider - Demo

X3D/VRML action game.

An early alpha. Catch the ghost, find the key and pick up the treasure to get to the next level. You have four lifes to accomplish this task. Mine Rider requires a lot of focus, an exsellent sense of orientation and intensive use of available devices, radar, left upper corner, to track positions and compas for orientation.

Bitmanagement Contact 3D plug-in is required, enable install when your browser asks for it or download and install it manually, all major Web browsers are suported.

How to play

Click START button on the HUD to start the ride. A key - turn left, D key - turn right. Click at the ghost (on the radar it is a white moving point) to reveal the position of his key (red point on the radar) than pick up the key (just pass through it) to open adequate gate surrounding the treasure (yellow, blinking point on the radar). At least three gates should be opened in order to safely pick up the treasure and pass to the next level. In each level speed is increased, number of levels is unlimited. Make sure you have read and understand disclaimer ...and PLAY.

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