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X3D stands for Extensible 3D Graphics and it is a descendant of VRML which is an acronim for Virtual Reality Modeling Language, technology developed since the beginning of Internet with only one goal, to bring true Virtual Reality, ie. interactive 3D graphics, to the Web. Over the years people at Web3D consortium, a member of W3C, realised the advantages of XML and proceed development of the technology using Extensible Markup Language sintax and VRML becomes X3D, which is now an ISO standard for Web3D graphics.

Brightside - virtual miraculous monastery VRML/X3D viewers, those listed at right column, are all built using plug-in technology and that means they are not stand alone programs but helper applications for Web browsers. In order to explore VRML based worlds, games and 3D models accessible online one of listed plug-ins have to be installed on your operating sytem. After installation your Web browser will be able to show 3d content in its window, it is possible to have few VRML plug-ins installed at the same time and there is a simple method to set up which one is default, see user tips for more details.

TV Republic - village VRML players listed here were used in building and testing of exposed models, for more comprehensive list of available viewers, tools and multiuser server systems see 3D links page. All works at this site were tested in Bitmanagement and Blaxxun Contact player but most of it should work in all VRML compliant browsers. For 3D chat Blaxxun public MU server is used and therefore the Contact is a must, otherwise it is possible to use different MU server - VRML plug-in combination.

"VRML, sometimes pronounced vermal, is an acronym for the Virtual Reality Modeling Language. Technically speaking, VRML is neither virtual reality nor a modeling language. Virtual reality typically implies an immersive 3D experience (such as a head-mounted display) and 3D input devices (such as digital gloves). VRML neither requires nor precludes immersion..." The Annotated VRML 97 Reference

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