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"Bitmanagement offers interactive and realtime 3D software, its documentation and support/development. The multimedia-software for 2D/3D, audio and video performs the visualization in your software- and/or hardware related concept or product, based on ISO-Standards VRML, X3D and MPEG-4. These ISO formats which are exported as data format from almost all tools for 3D content creation are suitable for the Internet and used worldwide..." BS Collaborate Server

multiuser servers

"ABNet uses a Java Communications server with Javascript to turn a single-user VRML / X3D world into a Multi-user Virtual World environment. 3D Avatars can interact and use shared events to provide a virtual experience much like the blaxxun community platform."
ABNet home page

"VRSpace is free cross-platform modular 3D community software allowing standard multi-user features such as chat, messaging, bulletin boards, etc to run multiple platforms/operating systems. Our software features unlimited number of users, low bandwidth requirements, low system requirements, and permanent storage of objects. "
VRSpace home page

"Tech Worlds Traveler Server offers free 3D voice chat using the Digital Space Traveler (formerly Onlive Traveler) software. Tech Worlds Digital Space Traveler 3D voice chat is free, always has been, always will be. We offer free voice chat that is different than what you would find in other free voice chat platforms. Our free voice chat is accompanied by a VRML 3D environment."
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"MindGate is a virtual reality multiuser client - server system written in Java. The purpose of this system is to provide the communication/persistence/3d streaming support for the users that are imersed into VRML worlds stored anywhere over the Web"
MindGate home page

"Deepmatrix is a multiuser 3D environment that features chat, shared objects, and shared events. DM is composed of a lightweight Java server and Java applet that works with many Web-3D plug-ins. Some of our current goals include: True cross-platform compatibility with Linux and other operating systems. Improving stability of the Java applet and server.Overcoming security issues with newer versions of Windows. Developing more dynamic and engaging content."
Deepmatrix home page

"Multi-User 3D Communication Architecture
The architecture of the blaxxun Platform is a standards-based client-server model for enabling real-time, multi-user 3D... Blaxxun clients are web browser enhancements (plugins or applets) or a standalone desktop application (developed for example using the blaxxun Client SDK) which connect to the blaxxun Communication Server."
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