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Brightside - virtual miraculous monastery When you join some 3D chat world the others inside suppose to see your virtual body, that is the main difference between simple text chat and a chat inside shared virtual world after all, here you can and should be seen. Within free chat places, like those connected to Blaxxun's public multiuser server, at the beginning you are asked for nick name and interest, fill in or accept default and you are ready to go. After you entered the world you get a default avatar and, as you may guess, there is no much fun about default virtual body, it is not even able to walk, not to mention more sofisticated movements. Since, by entering the virtual world, you become a part of new era show yourself in your best, choose some of custom made avatars and whether you want to be what you are or somebody else be it with a style. There are thousends of avatars on the Web, you can choose different bodies, clothing and what is most important a lot of them have different gestures, the way to do something or to expres something through the body language. Milano Virtuale - Piazza del Duomo They are able to regard, like, dislike to hug or punch or whatever. It doesn't matter do you want to learn, explore or just to hang out, toys for some kind of Free Style Role Play Game are ready, how interesting and fun it will be depends on you and whom you are going to met there. Here is a step by step explanation how to set up your avatar inside Blaxxun's worlds, for other servers the procedure should be rather similar. Have a look at our avatar library pick the one you like and begin a journey...

Here is a couple of avatars, for more choices see avatar library, each image points to an avatar file, ie. link ends up with .wrl extension. Place your cursor over the image you like, right click and choose Copy Shortcut and then go to some of 3D chat places and you'll see something like this

avatar female avatar female

avatar male avatar male

Multiuser virtual world - 3D chat place

Lower left frame is the text chat box, ie. where you type and read messages and on the right side you can see how many users exploring the worlds at the moment, how many worlds is currently connected etc. Fourth tab in the right frame is Options, click on it to adjust your settings

Avatar options

After your click at Options tab (1) you'll get a list of available settings, choose Personal Data (2) and that will bring out the box with Avatar URL (3) field where you should paste the shortcut you've chosen above, and you are done.

If you want to check your new look right click at 3D window and choose View my Avatar,

wait few moments for the avatar to download and you can look at yourself from a Third Person View.

Easy to do in Virtual World, in reality that achivement would required years of practise...as some people claim. But who care about reality when we have all this for free.
All said assumes that you have installed Blaxxun or Bitmanagement Contact VRML player, if you didn't yet use links on the right, get your free copy and enjoy.

For more detailed instructions, about installation and use, have a look at user tips

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